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Where it all began

There was once a mother who was told that she would never conceive again. Nine painful years went by and attempt after attempt was met with failure. If her own emotional pain was not enough, the pressure from her family also increased - not only to produce a child but specifically a boy. She fell further into despair as her feelings of failure increased.

Her father decided to go for Hajj with the intention of specifically praying that his daughter would be blessed with a baby boy. Not even a few days after his return from Hajj his daughter informed him that she was pregnant, defying science and all odds.

This is just one of the many miraculous Hajj stories out there. However, what makes it special is that this is the story of the mother of Hajjnet’s CEO, Ali Dabaja, and his own birth. This was Ali’s primary inspiration in making Hajjnet the world’s #1 resource for all things Hajj and Umrah related.


Hajjnet was founded in Dubai in 2012 to create and deliver content, and mobile & web products to empower Muslims in fulfilling their faith based obligations in a manner more safe, informed, and convenient.

Hajjnet is all about contributing to the 'common good' of our community and to bring our community together to contribute to that ‘common good’.

We serve our users in their aspirations to perform Hajj and Umrah and to support them in having the ultimate experience, sharing it, and helping share the information that made it that way.

As Muslims, we are all using the Internet to research our travel. The Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages are no different. In fact they require more information and involve more unknowns than most other journeys. The goal of one’s Hajj or Umrah being accepted only adds extra weight to the responsibilities – all the more reason to build technology and a community to support it.

Investing in Hajjnet

Hajjnet’s investors are currently friends and family who share a belief in the business concept and the idea that through technology and information we can support the global Muslim Community in their aspirations of achieving the ultimate Hajj and Umrah experience. From a Muslim's perspective the perfect combined investment to reap profits in this life and the next! Our unique groups of investors not only bring their finances to the table but their wide array of specialized talents and expertise.

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